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Thank you for dropping by to our NightWatch K9 House ®.  We understand that picking the right breeder, the right dog or the right puppy can be a very difficult decision, and we are here to help!  Visitors are welcome to visit us anytime by appointment only (except Sunday & Public Holiday).  This way we will have enough time to get to know each other and to answer any questions that you may have.  At NightWatch K9 House ®, we do not bred our puppy / dog for showing purpose as priority but we are very particularly to bred them with strong heart to protect and to love their family with whole heart apart from it health!!!  Here is some information that we hope will answer most of your questions.

When it comes to selecting a family companion, few things are more important than a solid temperament and physical soundness. We've done and is doing still our best to ensure those qualities in various ways. Once a selecting dog for breeding that meets our standards of steadiness and a calm, willing attitude. Also important is a factor that is often used first in the selection process by new buyers, the physical appearance.

Our Working Service German Shepherd & our Working Service Dog are proportional build yet energetic with solid stallion type, selected only from proven working lines that we are working on.  A dog not structured correctly will not function properly, lending more importance to the physical aspects of carefully choosing a puppy. The extreme angles do not appeal to us, nor do the lack of correct angles.

The question of American lines verses German lines and West German verses East German and the different between Europe and Czech / Slovak line many etc, etc has been going on for years and there is little end is sight. Rather than selecting one over the other, we've sought the best of all options. Each area has many good traits to offer, excluding one would be handicapping in our breeding program.

We don't breed various breeds, apart from our Working Service German Shepherds at this time along with some of the other working breed such like Beauceron, Rottweiler, Dutch Shepherd and Malinois [they are our security k9 anyway]. 

And since January 2013, we have from acres of dogs downsized to only a very few selected.  At this time we have about 06 adult dogs and several pups we're raising apart from the foster program with close friends.  And we produce only 01 to 02 litters every two [02] years, this is particular important so that every litter of puppies is well taking care into early foundation work for environmental socializations, on stability and for working capabilities, beside, we can further evaluating the present litter to see if they should be reproduce ... since we don't depend solely on breeding dog as our business income.

I am a firm believer that the females are responsible for 65% [or more] of the genetic traits of your future puppy, it is important that they are of the highest quality. Our breeding females’ bloodlines combination comes from vary sound and proven genetic pool.  The males that we use are also thoroughly researched as to the lineage, individual merits, and their compatibility for an individual mating while the MOST IMPORTANT part is their health.

As Peggy Adams (a renowned Dobermans Breeder) once said:
"A good stud dog is worth it's weight in gold - but a good brood bitch is a pearl beyond price".

Breeding dogs is not only a great responsibility, it requires diligent research & planned bleeding program to insure quality in your Puppy ... we did that and is still doing!  Our puppies are versatile with good confirmation, movement, temperament and working instinct.  

To achieve the better breed specimen, we bred each selected female only ONE litter a year and will not do any repeat breeding until we are satisfy with the previous up-growing! Therefore, the entire offspring carry our kennel’s AFFIX of “NightWatch” in their pedigree registration for the best recognition.

Each litter is raised carefully to give pups a chance at being the best they can possibly be. They are exposed to loud noises and are handled extensively.  Pups is out-bring to natural environments  & man-made obstacle for stability and confident building.  These are just the basics. Therefore, when come to placing, we choose to pre-screen the potential new ownership to ensure that our pup / dog will be in good hand.   Our general purpose in our canine breeding program is to produce here and well matches to the standards of the top kennels in global.  Provides trained dogs, starter dogs and green dogs for Law Enforcement, Military as well as any institution or persons with the need of a trained security dog.  We are looking to produce an overall balance in our dog with working capabilities, social to neutral with strangers, but also with a serious nature born of strong nerves and balance drives.  We also wanted to introduce some more calmness into our breeding, particular useful in family companionship, and the ability to internalize the dogs more deliberate and methodical and less distracted. 

The family dog is expected to know many things and deal with various situations given much less instruction than dogs in professional hands. It only makes sense to start with dogs geared toward this temperament. The family companion/guardian is expected to let people in and keep people out, play vigorously but not to roughly, be happy and willing to play but not overly active. These are not easy rules for anyone to follow. Each family has their own structure and dynamics that a new pup must learn.

The successful family dog is not an accident. It takes planning and cares when breeding is planned and when the pups are born. Just like a child, the basic personality of the pup is set young. From birth until the pups leave our hands from eight weeks and up they are consistently guided in the right direction.  We always keeping in touch and eagerly to hear from the new owner ... we provide and sharing our knowledge, caring, handling to the best level we could ... at anytime!!!

We understand that everyone have their preference & expectation.  After a careful screening process, our puppies are placed in homes of very special people [those people that care to learn prior than owning one].  If you are a great distance from us, please advise us you intention, of owing one of our pup and we will selected the type that suit you the most.  On this note, please prepared well before hand so that you will not be rejected to own our pup / dog.

We want you to be comfortable with your purchase; you will know EXACTLY what you paying for.  Buying a puppy should be a happy time from someone you are comfortable with, not filled with stress, frustration and worry.  You will not be disappointed when you open the airline crate, you will find the puppy we selected to suit your life style.

If our type of dog is of interest to you, please look over the photos for family type and PLEASE provide us with more information about yourself by filling the Working Service Dog's Questionnaire before contacting us.

We're not striving for pups to fill the world, but rather a few quality to help make it a better place ... We make no wild extravagant guarantees but we honor the ones we do make!  We represent puppies honestly and our guarantee is one of the best around in the country [Malaysia] and it could also be one of the best in Asia regions. Since we have caused the puppy to born, we care and is responsible to where the puppies sell end up, therefore we choose to accept back any puppy or dog that a owner can no longer keep for whatever reason. Please consider carefully, the time, emotions and financial investment needed to raise a puppy to be healthy and well mannered is considerable, this is not to be taken lightly. Puppies without adequate supervision may be very destructive.  In addition, price of a puppy is a small fraction of what you can expect to pay for food, vet and other expenses during the typical 09 - 14 year life span of your dog.  Please take seriously the time and the financial commitment.  

We appreciate your interest in our elite training and companion dog program.  As below paragraphs stated, you will find an introduction to our unique services.  Also, please refer to our K9 Training Ground or K9 Specialist for some of our trained dogs in action shots.  I hope you enjoy the viewing and reading.  If after having done so you have remaining questions, please feel free to contact us.  We stand ready, willing and quite able to serve your canine needs.

After years of working with trained canine, we realized that, people "like" to ask why should I need a trained dog … and here we go, giving you some basic ideal of the plus point towards owning a Protection trained dog!  

Why A Trained Dog?

Imagine an alarm system that travels with you, is not easily inactivated, and interprets what it detects with a brain programmed by nature to read body language.  Remember that people known to their victims perpetrate many violent crimes.  People who are likely to be admitted into your home, past your current detection system and then suddenly reveal their violent intent.  That sudden change is easily detected and challenged by a well bred and trained dog.
A well trained canine show a willingness to defend his home and family with an authority that discourages violation of your privacy or safety, most miscreants would rather not even test the commitment of such an animal with much easier targets available elsewhere.  Let them pass you by!
A well-trained canine is protective barrier difficult to breach.  Here is a defensive system that comes to your aid when needed or summoned.  It cannot be wrested from you to be used against you or your loved ones.  Unlike a bullet or chemical spray, once launched, this weapon can be recalled if the threat no longer exists.
Most of the time a trained dog is merely a faithful, loving gentle, and well-behaved member of your household.  Perhaps the most important contribution he makes is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that he is on duty while you and your family go about your daily routine.


There is a myth claiming that training a dog in protection makes him dangerous. This could not be further from the truth. A properly trained dog by professional guidance will on completion of obedience and protection training, be an ideal companion that is also a good protector. A trained dog that is taught well will only respond to protect when either, the owner commands him or if the handler is being attacked. This is not an unreasonable action, as most people would want their dog to protect them and their loved ones from offenders.

Many of you may ask, why teach a dog to protect on command, why not just let the dog protect you once the owner is attacked? I can answer you this, by simply asking you. If you see an offender approaching you with a knife (or lethal weapon), do you,

A)        Let him stab you, and then let the dog defend you?

B)         Wait and see what an untrained dog may or may not do?

C)        Give a dog the command on lead to defend you, where the dog may even deter the attack, without having to bite the offender?

To me it is quite simple; I would definitely want answer C, as would most reasonable people. Trained dogs can also be very social and good with kids, Protection training does not make your dog vicious, it merely teaches him how and when to protect himself and his loved ones (you). It is the same principle as you learning Self Defense. You would not go and attack people for no reason and neither would a protection trained dog.  A trained dog will act when there is a real need and then only with the required action needed to ensure your safety. Just as you or any responsible person would.

Untrained animals that merely act on their untrained instincts, invariably commit indiscriminate dog attacks. Protection training teaches your dog to discriminate; the difference really is as simple as that.  Most people who feel protection training is dangerous have little or no experience in it and are speaking in ignorance.

We encourage you to compare.  Examine claims and credentials closely.  Our trained dogs and training techniques are continually scrutinized in national and international working dog competitions.  Ask not just the satisfied customers but also the leading figures in working dog world about our oversea K9 Specialist Counter Parts.  These references can be readily furnished upon request.  We extend to you sincere invitation to come visit our facility and see what makes our trained Guard dog different.

Please give me a call with an update at the end of your reading or choose to write me e-mail for further assistance.   I will be happy to send more detail on our current puppies / dogs available.

Thank you once again for spending some time to read through this note and your interest in our NightWatch K9 House ®.   Stay Well & God Bless.

Yours Sincerely,