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MGuardian Security Services
 WEGAS z Dunajova sadu
Reside to Labuan on March 19, 2012 with his new family
serving as Family Companion cum Area Protection Dog!

WEGAS proved to be one of the best dog we ever own, he was one of our very important MGK9 team member, apart from that WEGAS act also as our team's demo dog!

A little bit more, WEGAS has not only one but a few live apprehends some bad guys that creating problem, truly a good dog to own!


  Xenie z Tresnaku
Reside to Labuan on September 21, 2009 with her new family
serving as Family Companion cum Area Protection Dog!

 Picture taken on September 21, 2009 at 20.5 months old

 Pictured taken on April 11, 2009 at 15.5 months old

Xenie z Tresnaku ... a female with a lineage that can be traced back to one of the strongest old bloodline which, were raise as working service dog to their owner generation and generations in the old Czech.

Xenie is a happy and confident female that is above the level, her sound attitude and willingness making the training tasks like ABC.   Thank to my friend in Czech - BARA, who went extra miles on "hunting" that found her for us.

All though Xenie has been placed as family protection dog with her new family but we remain co-owner ship to obtain her bloodline.  Therefore, her lineage will be maintain still! 


  NightWatch's Saga

Reside to Labuan on April 25, 2009 with his new family
serving as Family Companion cum Area Protection Dog!

- Pictured taken on April 13, 2007 -

Saga - a sable young male, from tightly combination of some oldest and strongest lineage that his sire reproduces himself in a litter.  His bloodline is superb outstanding and most important, he have some high level of workable qualities that we would want to see in a working service dog.

Carry with Saga, very striking head type with excellent bone strength and powerful substance structure.  Independent, brave apart from it sound temperament.  His nerve is solid, "swim" like a fish and can leave alone for long hours, good potential and we have, today groomed him for Security Work. 

His defense drive is amazing and has kicked off since 10 months old, with continues stabilities work-out exercises, he is one of the top five gentle K9!

Selective genetics breeding make the quality pup, raising and training turn them into a real dog.  At 15 months old, Saga proved himself well that he is into his 1st security assignment with star-graded Hotel Resort in Sarawak along with the other MGK9 team. 

We maintain the stud privilege from Saga's new owner, his lineage will be make available when there is RIGHT female to be bred.


  Draga vom Wizards

Reside to Sibu on November 2008 with his new family
serving as Family Companion cum Area Protection Dog!

- Pictured taken on October 04, 2008, 02 more days to her 1st birthday -

Picture taken on April 25, 2008!

Draga vom Wizards came from the combination bloodlines of Czech X West German.  Was told by the breeder that dogs from this selective combination are well-known for their high trainability and strong constitution.  Extremely stable temperament and easy to live with but yet still possess the drive qualities for outstanding workability. Self confident and sure in all situations.

After a few months handling Draga, we realized that she does has sufficient prey that make the training funs and focus!  We are now working on her tracking skill and along with sense detection works ... let see what come next! 



Reside to Miri on August 2008 with his new family
serving as Family Companion cum Area Protection Dog!

- Pictured taken on May 05, 2008 ... a few days to 6 months old -

Bugsy came from the bloodline that both parents are proven in their working capabilities.  His sire - Duke, a male dog that come with outstanding nose works on trailing & tracking skill and his protection work is strong and solid too! 

His dam - Odeta or calling name known as Duchess is a male alike in build ... her protection work is explosive but can be as sweet in split second with her owner.  Both of them have actually real-bite in action and saved their owner from danger!

We are working currently on Bugsy, he is definitely a full potential young dog that can be groomed further ... More update of Bugsy will be post ...

Majestic Down - picture taken March 29, 2008!


Cina Ha-Vla-Lu SVV1

Reside to Philippines on August, 2006

Cina is a drop-dead beautiful rare red-sable Slovak female out of Titus z PS line and other old Czech/DDR lines. She is a methodical and relentless tracker. Her obedience is precise, very easy to handle, calm and very stable. Her protection is REAL, fast, explosive and heavy. She passes her traits to her pups, pigment and character-wise.

Cina was hand-picked & personal tested by Mr. Jiri Novotny and he have high comment on this female and believe Cina will produce good working service dog in time to come.  And as the matter of fact, Cina's first litter in year 2002 spoken the proves, likewise the following litters too.

Cina was our Security K9 [second female in the team] with MGuardians.  Since she have great nose and have proven from time to time over her man-tracking skill, she was foremost the main iron to our K9 Man-Tracking Inc. Miri.  Today, Cina is semi-retired and enjoys her life back in Manila, Philippines.  We have her son and daughter to continue the tracking work in our unit.