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Your pup / dog have being veterinary checked, wormed and have his / her latest set of shots.  Individual Medical Record Card will be enclosed as well as the permanent micro-chipping identification.

We do not believe much into registration as our priority is to produce a dog that can perform the given tasks, however,  you will get a home printed 3-generations pedigree with the picture of the Sire & Dam [and their accentors that's available] for your references.  Nevertheless, when there is made available you will receive their papers transferred into your name in regard of "Limited / Non-Breeding" quality or "Full Breeding Right" upon full payment received and Vet's certify certificate.

We offer full support and are available to answer any questions about your pup at any time.


DEPOSIT: The balance plus shipping cost should be received at least TEN (10) working days ahead before delivery.

This agreement is made, and hereby entered into, on this _____ day of _____, 20___ by and between
NightWatch k9 House, (hereafter referred to as "Seller"),

--- and ---

Mr. Ms. __________________ (hereafter referred to as "Buyer"), for the purpose of setting forth the terms and conditions of the purchase by the Buyer of a Trained Perimeter dog.



The Buyer agrees to pay the purchase amount in full by bank transfer prior to the dog leaving the premises of NightWatch K9 House.

2.  All forms of deposits are non-refundable.
3.  All shipping costs, including cost of the crate is for the account of the Buyer.  

Seller agrees to choose the most appropriate dog that fully meets the requirement of the Buyer, to be chosen from Seller’s current available German Shepherd Dog (or any other working breed) working litters and shall be delivered to the Buyer at 13-15 months of age.


Seller shall provide current health certificate and pedigree of proposed dog.  Seller agrees to have the dog microchip for proper identification before shipment.  


The dog’s general health is guaranteed for SEVEN (07) days after shipping. All shipped dogs receive thorough examination by our vet prior to departure. It is the owner's responsibility to have the dog examined by his/her vet within the time provided.


The Buyer is responsible for providing proper medical care, including annual vet visits with vaccinations. 


The Buyer is responsible for providing proper shelter, food and socialization for the rest of the dog's life.  


The Buyer agrees to treat the dog humanely and continue to work with the said dog throughout its life.


Seller guarantees the dog has received industrial-strength socialization and trainings as a perimeter guard dog, able to alert the owner for any unfamiliar situations. Likewise, the dog shall be trained to defend its perimeter from any intrusions. The Seller guarantees that the dog is of good working quality and structure.  The Buyer is responsible for maintaining and/or upgrading the dogs training and socialization as required. The owner is responsible for maintaining control of his dog at all times and keeping his dog a "good citizen", calm and stable in public and around family members. The owner is responsible for any and all damages incurred by his dog. 


Seller guarantees the dog is free from debilitating defects congenital in nature.  Any physical disability that prevents the dog to function as a working dog must be reported within SEVEN (07) days upon Buyer being aware of the problem, supported by an official letter of explanation from a licensed veterinarian.  Upon verification by a vet of Seller’s choice, another dog of similar training will replace the dog.  The defective dog must not be bred and proof of spay/neuter may be required.  This is not a money back guarantee.  This guarantee applies only to the original purchaser.


The guarantee does not apply to any genetic problem that can be affected by environment (i.e. obesity, poor diet, inhumane treatment, poor maintenance, accidents of any nature and exposure to carcinogens) or old age. 

This warranty is non-transferable to any other person than what is stated on this Contract. This warranty is void if the conditions of this agreement are violated. There are no other implied or intended guaranties or warranties other than those stated above.

Seller Signature_____________________________________



Buyers Signature_____________________________________



(For The Original Buyer Only) 

This Life Times Guarantee is good from the date of birth to your puppy certify that the particular puppy is purebred and the pedigree is correct.  Our puppy is guaranteed for it Healthy and free from hereditary defect upon delivery / picking up, has been wormed, vaccinated and examined by the certify veterinarian. International Health Certificate enclosed for our pup / dog delivery by air.  Should you have doubts about the lineages combination, we encourage you to drop by to visit our dogs or to have them go further for DNA Test.



Your pup's dog's health is guaranteed for seven (07) days from time of possession (either being ship-out or pick-up). During this time, please have your pup / dog examined by a certify vet to confirm its sound health.

If your veterinarian finds your pup / dog not healthy, send us back the puppy and we will give you another pup / dog of the same quality from the next available.  

You must give us a veterinarian's certificate setting forth the health problem within seven (07) days of the veterinarian's examination. This guarantee does not apply to injury, illness, or parasites sustained subsequent to you taking possession of your pup / dog.



Your pup is guaranteed against congenital malformation or hereditary disease, which occurs or is discovered within one year from date of sale. If your puppy has such a condition, we will replace you with another puppy of the same quality from the next available litter.

If your puppy shows any type of heredity problems such as ears that don't stand, crypt orchid, or if it found that your female is sterile or the male dog have only one testicle or the developing of Elbows’ problem, or on a veterinarian’s recommendation that it should not be used for breeding. In such case, a note from your veterinary is required, stating the problem in detail, please provide the related document to us within seven (07) days of certification.  We will replace the next available puppy with equal quality.  If you choose to keep the dog and has it spayed or neutered, I will refund 1/3 of the purchase price.

If you receive a replacement under our Premier Guarantee, The cost of transportation of the pup / dog to and from and the cost of veterinary services shall be the responsibility of the buyer.

 After the second year from it date of birth, we guarantee your dog to be free of crippling hip dysplasia up to the end of the third year from it date of birth.  If an OFA x-ray finds your dog has crippling hip dysplasia or rated instead of “FAIR”,  “GOOD” or “EXCELLENT”, you will get a FULL refund from us!!! 

Most breeders will choose only to provide a replacement and you are required to return the "affected" dog, as for NightWatch K9 House, we are not only promoting responsible dog ownership but we do stand behind our sincere guarantees and we can understand your loving feeling over the "poor" dog, which it may be difficult for you to return it to us after being raising it for 2 years or more.  Therefore, we only ask to receive it's registration certificate plus the certify copy of the report and you keep the "poor" dog spayed or neutered.

We do stand behind our guarantee and ask you to contact us if you have any problems. Let our years of experience work for you.  We are always here to help you especially after the ownership transferred.

If for any reason you have to part with your dog, please contact us. We will take the dog back, until a good home can be found or it will be stay with us here.  Please under no circumstances do we want you to take your dog to an animal shelter or humane society.



We bred rarely, apart from bearing in mind to produce what we want a REAL working service dog suppose to be.  We do not practice waiting list but we will only accept the deposit upon litter dropped.  An amount of RM1, 000.00 will take as a guarantee deposit (not refundable) to hold one pup until eight (08) weeks old.  We would only let go our Working Service German Shepherd and other working breeds at the earliest age of at least 14 weeks old, apart from completing their three vaccination shots, this is to ensure that they receive proper socialize and they are going through the early foundation work layout over them. 

Allow me to define what a deposit means to us:  We see it as a promise or "good faith" commitment on the new owners part that they are done "shopping" and have decided to buy from us.  By this time in the process, we have usually invested a fair amount of time and energy into answering concerns and questions regarding the many faceted aspects of owning one of these magnificent animals.  Once that commitment is made, we stop offering that open spot on the list to other interested parties and in fact, turn prospective buyers away because of this agreement and partial down payment made by the new owner.

When there is a "situation" that things may change in the life of the new owner and we understand this fully and will try our best to make this change fit both of our needs.  The circumstance that a deposit is refundable when there is not a "right" pup available in the litter that suit individual life-style.

For International Shipping (not include Singapore & Brunei), if some longer extended time is required, we will, for a charged a small boarding fee, house the pup /dog here depending on the needs of the new owner.   The shipping will preferably is with a direct flight to most major cities.  

Please check with your local Veterinary Department about the import procedures and to supply us the necessary information & documentations, especially the import permit on your puppy / dog prior to the shipping schedule.  Shipping within Malaysia or exporting to Asia Pacific Regions will all be shipped via Malaysia Airline unless otherwise.



We are always careful when come to our selective breeding planning, we priced our puppy individually for it quality to ensure that every cent in your " investment" will have great return in term of security & protectiveness.  We will not settle for the second best. THEREFORE we may not be able to satisfy our entire reservation lists until we have done at least three evaluations on the individual puppy as early as when they are six (06) weeks old, most importantly, the said pup / dog MUST be able to perform the given task, no exception!!!

Pups are well-socialized and guaranteed family-raised. They will be worked, exposed and stabilized to varying natural and man-made environments and conditions before they will be sold to needed homes. Those who have made reservations may request for pictures or video clips of pup workouts from time to time.  Each pup carries a full replacement warranty for any debilitating defects congenital in nature.

In general, the price on our Working Service Canine (pup / dog) as listed below ... price excluding shipping and crate.  We do not priced based on colour coat or breed but individual level of work-out.  The dog are works and trained under NightWatch K9 House if not imported!

Level I - Below 15 weeks old - from RM5, 000.00 to RM6, 500.00
Pups by this time, have being heavily well socialized, went through house trained, crate trained and will know their basic commands on working service obedience.


Level II - 20 weeks to 08 months old - from RM7, 500.00 to RM9, 500.00
Young pups by now, a step ahead are socialized with children and adults. They will have agility work started and multiple surface work. They will have worked around loud noise, fire, smoke, through water and around work.  Bite work is introduce as well as tracking. 
NOTE:  Video filming can be provide as per request.  


Level III - 10  to 15 months old - from RM10, 500.00 to RM16, 000.00
Dogs will have will been started in their training to be placed as protection dogs.  Dogs are trained to alert on the "watch" command and to deploy if an attack is occurred.  Dogs at these age are trained under extreme stress such as loud verbal belligerent hostile confrontations with individuals carrying canes or other "weapons". This ensures the stability of the dogs Dogs are worked on multiple slippery, raised, moving, natural and man made surfaces. Obedience is always incorporated into the stress of this training. These dogs are secure in this type of obedience and are stable in real life scenarios.  More advanced scent work is started and the bite work increased. Stabilization of the dog is a major factor at NightWatch K9 House. These dogs are worked in all situations, which the dog and handler may encounter in real life. Dogs are taken to areas where large amounts of people are and are made to work. Once becoming familiarized to real life scenarios, they feel no threat or stress when placed from our facility. 
NOTE:  Video filming can be provide as per request.


Level IV - 16 months old & older - from RM16, 500.00 to RM25, 500.00
In general, most dogs will have completed their training for home protection, and are well into their training for protection & law enforcement use. Advanced work for security or law enforcement, is done in multiple targeting, deployment through fire, water and smoke to take out a target. Deployment out of vehicles is done as well as quartering, working more than one dog, crowd control and more.  With additional specialize training (depending on individual requirement), they can actually put into street immediately. 
NOTE:  Video filming can be provide as per request.


Specific Task Dog  - 18 months old & older - from RM32, 500.00 to RM55, 500.00
In general, most dogs will have completed their specific task training for Personal Protection / Security Patrol / Man-Tracking / Narcotic Detection / Explosive Detection, and are well into their training for law enforcement use. Advanced work for security or law enforcement, is done in multiple targeting, deployment through fire, water and smoke to take out a target. Deployment out of vehicles is done as well as quartering, working more than one dog, crowd control and more.  With additional specialize training (depending on individual requirement), they can actually put into street immediately. 
NOTE:  Video filming can be provide as per request.

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Everyone's idea of which puppy is better is based on lots of personal factors, it goes more to say that some people judge color or size as their priority or maybe a look that a previous dog in their lives may have had, and on and on.  We do not believe in litter pick as we work all pup fairly and equally, we know how individual is!!!  So, because you do not get the number one or two pick will not eliminate the best pup for your personal needs.  We do not limited our breeding program on sizes or colours coat, we bred and work for individual capabilities.  

As a breeder cum worker and at time, mediating the convenience service to our friend and client.  We take our part of responsibilities to select the "right" pup /dog to suit individual.  We know well the breeding program from our associate & counter part ... therefore, we are not going to jam a pup / dog down your throat and be done with you, we will treat you the way we would like to be treated if we were you. No wash out!!!  You are most welcome at anytime to visit and to work.



We guarantee our locally groomed & imported well-trained dogs to have the required temperament and working ability by conducting extensive pre-testing for sociability / aggression / civil / defend / fight / hunt drive / sound or gun sureness / stability of slick floors, inside buildings, and open stairs.

This well-trained K9 have gone through the required levels of training on Obedience / Personal Protection / Property Protection / Patrolling & Security / Narcotics Detection / Man-Trailing Work and have proved itself to our satisfaction. It should be able to perform it duties without any hesitations.

Our 30-day unconditional guarantee to the working temperament of the dogs, and gives the purchaser plenty of time to allow the dog to settle in and be thoroughly tested.

With the proper care & correct instructions given, if the working K9 cannot perform his duties or task, you may either send him back for a replacement, or we will refund your full purchase price.

Please write us should you have any remaining questions for assistance or clarification.  Our dog's performance speak loud!