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About Us : Our Workforce

What made our Personnel different from other security companies ...

  • Our personnel are well selected and have passed through the basic & standard requirement and they are age above 20 and below 50 with CLEAN back-ground.

  • Our personnel undergo a short course on warehouse Security Protection & Surveillance training prior commencing to their new assignment.

  • They receive courses training every six months to further improve their capabilities and self development toward their career achievement,

  • They have up-to-date medical check-up and have being proved to be fit in the field, all personnel trained and attend in-house martial act defense course.

  • Should the assigned personnel is not available for duty, a replacement will be arranged as we always have stand-by personnel on standing-by.

  • If situation required for whatsoever reason, our Company can provide additional personnel without further delay,

  • They are well discipline and follow instruction that agreed by the client and the company; staff will be fully equipped with uniforms appropriate to the site.

  • They are ever ready to perform extra duties upon receiving the confirmation from the company as requested,

  • Reliable Security Services Guarantee with prompt respond on any sought of complain or emergency.

  • Because they are trained and selected, they are paid well for their quality work & performance accordingly,

  • Our Officer in-charge can be contacted via telephone at any time should the client required last minute arrangement or situation occurred,

  • Our client received a HOTLINE number to dial direct to our Command Station for any assistance request,

  • Our Company provide 24 hours round the clock, seven days a week back-up supports,

  • Our Company provides Mobile Patrol  & Respond Unit,

  • We make sure that our Security Personnel is to perform with honesty and to complete any other requirements or requests that have being assigned to them.

  • Same goes to our Crime’s Fighting Partner - Security Dogs, they are trained in apprehensive on command and will provide the highest satisfaction for security patrol,

Our K9 Workforce
For Security Patrol, Parameter Protection, Sentry Guarding, Riot Control, Man-Tracking, Narcotic Detection ... and soon to add Explosive Detection Dog.  Below are some of our K9 that are on security assignment ...

When RISK is not an OPTION ... you need the Ultimate
MGuardians K9 Solution!!!

It's best to call us for peace of mind
than to call the police as a VICTIM of crime!

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