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联合日报 United Daily - October 24, 2010


Sarawak Bloggers - August 14, 2010


联合日报 United Daily - February 20, 2010


联合日报 United Daily - February 20, 2010


星洲日報 Sin Chew Daily News - February 20, 2010


联合日报 United Daily - November 18, 2009


寵物情缘 Pets Magazine - Issue # No34 for Nov/Dec 2009
(This article was prepared during the Miri Pure-Breed Dog Exhibition 2009 at Bulantan Park, Miri. last October 04, 2009).


Appreciation letter received October 25, 2009 For Dog Exhibition Event & Demo
From our
honorable Miri City Mayor - Lawrence Lai Yew Son, this is indeed another power boots with great recognitions to our Company ... Click to enlarge!


TTGmice Publication - October 25, 2009
By S Puvaneswary - TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd
TTGmise is  the premier publication serving the needs of the Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions and Exhibitions industry in Asia-Pacific.  TTGmice is also the only publication in Asia-Pacific which is complemented by its own annual MICE trade exhibition and conference, IT&CMA.



联合日报 United Daily - October 15, 2009


Good Dog, Bad Dog July 15, 2009
By Georgette Tan



联合日报 United Daily - July 10, 2009


寵物情缘 Pets Magazine - Issue # No29 for Jan/Feb 2009
(This article was prepared during the Sarawak Pure-Breed Dog Exhibition 2008 at E-Mart Supermarket, Miri. last November 30, 2008)


联合日报 United Daily - November 20 & 27, 2008


An Appreciation letter received June 23, 2008 For Dog Exhibition Event & Demo
From our
honorable Miri City Mayor - Dato Wee Han Wen, this is indeed another power boots with great recognitions to our Company ... Click to enlarge!


An Appreciation letter received May 20, 2008 For Miri International Jazz Festival
From our
honorable Deputy Chief Minister - Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. Geroge Chan, this is indeed a power boots with great recognitions to our Company ... Click to enlarge!


New Straits Time - December 31, 2007
http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Crime/Story/A1Story20071231-43164.html  Demand for guard dogs on the rise
By Adrian David

PETALING JAYA: Guard dogs are increasingly in demand, thanks to the rising spate of crime and greater concern for the safety of lives and property.

Many upper-class households, exclusive clubs, large companies, law enforcement agencies, estates, jewellery shops, warehouses and commercial complexes are securing the services of guard dogs.

The dogs are a supplement to guards and alarm systems...

... M-Guardians K9 operations manager Leo Pui said poor security in an establishment could result in rocketting insurance and operational costs because of burglaries.

“You may also suffer losses from vandalism, theft and pilfering that can affect your profits,” said Pui.

He advised businessmen and individuals to allow guard dog firms to take care of their security needs while they focussed on more important things.

“We are committed to meet the critical trust placed on us by providing dedication, professionalism and integrity in our supply of guard dogs,” said Pui, whose firm is based in Miri, Sarawak ...

For completed story, click HERE


星洲日報 Sin Chew Daily News - November 18, 2007
Source: http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/46191?tid=14 

里奧與忠狗, ─ 貝榮基的人狗情緣


The Eastern Times - July 15, 2007
Source: http://www.easterntimes.com.my/index.php?news_id=1&news_content=2876

Tight security at RWMF 2007

Visitors coming to watch the 10th Rainforest World Music Festival have to go through tight security at the entrance.

By Andrea Tan

SANTUBONG: The security team at the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) this year includes nine security patrol dogs including a drug detection dog provided by a Miri-based company M-Guardians which was responsible for the security during the festival last year.

"The drug detection dog was trained in the U.S. by one of our trainers," said Leo Pui of M-Guardians.

Pui said this was the only dog they had that was specially trained for the purpose.

"We have a litter of eight puppies in Miri at the moment and we plan to train them as drug detection dogs in the future."

Apart from the nine canines, the M-Guardians security team also includes 52 personnel.

Despite the tight security measures, including the use of metal detectors at the main entrance, there were still some people who managed to sneak into SCV for the festival without admission tickets.

On the first day, Pui disclosed that they detected over 10 people who intruded without wristbands but no major incidents happened during the first night.

RWMF, which started on July 13 at Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV), is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and over 17,000 music enthusiasts are expected to attend the three-day event, especially the nightly concert.

A total of 19 groups from 17 countries are taking part in this year's RWMF.

The festival ends tonight with a concert featuring Anak Adi' Rurum (Sarawak), Hussein Arman (Afghanistan), Hanitra Rasaoanaivo (Madagascar), Khac Chi (Vietnam), Tammorra (Italy), Inka Marka (South America), Huun Huur Tu (Tuva), Aseanna Percussion Unit (Malaysia), Doghouse Skiffle Group (UK) and Shannon (Poland).

The Eastern Times - May 09, 2007
Source: http://www.easterntimes.com.my/index.php?news_id=1&news_content=2130

Big names in Jazz landing in Miri

联合日报 United Daily - May 09, 2007
Source: http://www.uniteddaily.com.my/20070510/news/g04n06.htm

The Sunday Post - March 11, 2007

The Borneo Post (Post Mag) - August 12, 2006

The Eastern Times - July 28, 2006

The Borneo Post - July 09, 2006

K-9 squad deployed for music festival

The Eastern Times - July 09, 2006

The Eastern Times - July 08, 2006

See Hua Daily News - Jan 15, 2006

The Borneo Post - Jan 15, 2006

星洲日報 Sin Chew Daily News - Jan 14, 2006

The Miri Daily News - Jan 14, 2006

The Miri Daily News - May 21, 2005

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