Promoting Stabilities, Reliabilities, Functioning, Controllable, To Serve And To Protect

Apart from the working service Obedience training, we are the small group of peoples does the one and the only REAL SITUATION Defend & Protective Work. NO game, NO sport but to train in defense and multiple apprehensive in REAL situation!!!They are not attack dog or biting machine ... Protection work has nothing to do with aggression. A protection trained dog, whose work is based on socialization and obedience, will clearly understand its work and will never become dangerous. We don't trains to favour publics' attention, we trained to serve, to defend and to protect!!! This calls for in REAL Defend & Protection Training. Train not for frame, medals or titles. Train for peace of mind.

Protection Dogs are trained for one specific function - to protect you, as well as your family and property. In addition, in contrast to common misconceptions, they offer companionship as a trusted friend: unlike the commonly perceived "guard" or "sentry" dog - which are trained to aggress on any perceived invasion of its domain without command - Protection Dogs are trained to react only when commanded to by their owner. However it should be understood that these dogs will react without command when the owner is threatened, or disabled and unable to command the dog. In essence, these are "command" dogs, trained to respond to difficult situations, yet are compatible with the enjoyment of life at all other times.

The protective training and working service Obedience method that we use on today is from the lost art, where it was uses in World War I & II. We don't do dog for bite hanging, we do re-targeting bite and apprehensive, of course ... not to forget the focus. As what we mentioned every now and then ... we turn "Man's best friend to Man's Crime Fighting Partner"!!! It is also a "finish-product" that would works and can save our life from a split second!!!

To own a Protection Trained Dog, the handler or the owner must be committed and is willing to continue in learning and doing work-outs, not to mention that, he or she should build up strong bonding relationship with the dog in-order to perform as a TEAM!!!

We do not require large scale compound neither do we having an outstanding facilities to train our dog, we choose to train in REAL situation, rain or shine.  We trains at the warehouse, car-pouch, main-gate, back-yard, foot-ball field, school compound, public's street, office, commercial area and etc. This is to ensure that the dog is ever and know exactly what to re-act and respond when the threat is occur!!!

Contact us, if you own any working breed and would like to join us, you just to make sure that you are committed and willing to learn.

Green dogs that we use for training are tested to the utmost and majority of them are from the family raise ... apart from the solid nerve + required drives + sound temperament, they are very people oriented especially with the small children. It suit well as a family / home protector apart from being assigned with law-enforcement organization.

With our years of experience handling security / protection dogs, we have successfully formed our very own K9 Team, which are now able to extend our K9 protection services to private sector.  We are the first civilian owned in Malaysia that provides trained dog for security measurement with our security personnel and handler. If you are interested in engaging our K9 security services, pleasewrite usor click to visit MGuardians Security Canine Services. To witness our trained dog's capabilities & action during any form of our training session, please call and get the appointment done {choose any dog that interest you}.

K9 for REAL Security, Protection & Family Companion

- Promoting the Working Service Obedience and Stress Stability -

With the ongoing risks to celebrities, executives and families from criminal elements involved in home invasion, car jacking, extortion and personal assaults, our imported professionally trained protection dogs can provide you with a valuable and safe alternative method of personal security. 

Our law enforcement background and expertise is now available to select civilian clients. We will meet with you, assess your needs and custom train a dog to meet the needs of you and your family. We will then introduce you to your dog and guide you all the way apart from sharing you the techniques you need to know to obtain the best results from your new family companion.

NightWatch K9 Houseis dedicated to take the worry and stress out of the search for a quality import. We have solid working relationship and have established good net-work to some well-known K9 trainers, breed breeders' oversea ... such from Germany, Australia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Philippines, America, Holland & United Kingdom. Specializing and focus our efforts on the REAL working lineage or well-trained German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Beauceron, Doberman and Rottweiler.

If you are considering a quality well trained dog, we can put a quality import to suit your life. Upon confirmation on the preference breed & understand your expectation, we can provide or to import the specific trained K9 usually with in a time flame of no more than 90 days.  Please write for more information.

Never settle for the second best!