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WHITE DOG One of the most famous "unseen" films, WHITE DOG never got a theatrical run in the US despite its well-known cast, legendary director, and powerful subject--racism.

Kristy McNichol stars as Julie Sawyer, a young actress who lives alone in a fabulous hillside house. One night, while out driving, she hits a beautiful stray dog (White German Shepherd). She takes the injured dog to a veterinarian and eventually brings it home with her. When a rapist breaks into Julie's home, the dog, which has been playful and gentle up to this, attacks and nearly tears the man limb from limb before the police arrive.

The beautiful dog, she learns, has been trained to kill blacks. A black animal-trainer, Keys (Paul Winfield), begins an attempt to recondition the dog. However, the dog manages to escape one night and wanders into town, where it maims another black man. When WHITE DOG finally opened in Paris and London, it was hailed as a masterpiece. Eventually the film did show up on cable television in January, 1984, but it was so radically re-edited that the dog was transformed from a killer of blacks into a canine that merely bit unsuspecting victims. Directed by Samuel Fuller. (1981) This is the uncut, unedited European version.

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