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  KELLY The Hero Police Dog 1

Kelly is a male retired German Shepherd police dog who, with his family and friends, has adventures in and around their home town of Fern Cove (fictitious town I assume) in Australia. Kelly is an excellent family TV series which everyone will enjoy and can relate to the characters.  

No Way Out
Being smart makes Danny unpopular at school where kids tease him about being a "nerd." But on an annual Scouts hiking day in the National Park, Danny's smart and Kelly's police techniques help to find a lost Jo and save her from a treacherous situation.

Bird Dog Danny and Kelly discover a bird smuggling rig. When Danny is captured, Jo and Kelly lead the police to crooks' secret hiding place.

A Friend in Need Jo is jealous when Danny falls for Romayne, a girl with a traveling carnival. But when Romayne's dog is kidnapped by one of the circus boys, Jo must put aside her fillings to save both the dog and the boy from life-or-death crisis.

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