My Movies Collection

WHITE FANG (This is a 3 video set.)
The 1st video is White Fang:
During the Klondike gold rush of 1896-97, more than 60,000 fortune hunters swarm northward to Dawson City in the Canadian Yukon. Charlie, his son Mitsah, and their dog, White Fang, lived happily outside the rough-and-tumble town, until an injury to Mitsah forces them to seek medical care. Tragedy and adventure follow.

The 2nd video is White Fang to the Rescue:
Prospector Ben Dover is traveling toward Dawson City to cash in his gold nuggets when he is ambushed and robbed. When White Fang finds his slain master's body, he runs to the nearby home of his master's friend, Burt Holloway. Holloway buries his friend, but not before finding the map to Dover's gold mine.

The 3rd video is White Fang and the Hunter:
Daniel, a fur trapper, is heading to Grisley City when his dog team is attacked by wild wolves. Only his faithful dog White Fang survives the attack in order to defend his master. Seeking refuge, Daniel and White Fang are taken in by Hellen, a young widow, and her seven year old son, Johnny. Adventure follows a plot of murder and deception unfolds.
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